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Screenshot DXF R12 Polyline Reducer

DXF R12 CNC Polyline Reducer - Convert DXF Polylines or small lines to arcs - Contour smoothing

DXF drawings or graphics, which are created with CAD- and graphic- programs, and scanned pictures contain often curves and arcs, which have been saved as polylines or small lines. Due to the large number of line elements the further processing of such drawings is often very time-intensive and difficult.

The software DXF R12 CNC Polyline Reducer converts quickly such polylines graphics for further processing in arcs and longer lines.  The number of elements in the graphics is greatly reduced by this software and thus also the time for further processing is reduced.

For the CNC area the program includes a function to smooth curves. This function converts curves into preferably tangential arcs and lines. This enables smooth, qualitatively better workpiece contours.  In addition: jerky movements are avoided during CNC machining, which can occur by too many small line segments.

The software is ideal for converting drawings that are saved in the DXF format version 12 (DXF R12 or lower).




Convert DXF splines to arcs

For the conversion of splines from CAD- or graphic- programs with DXF R12 CNC Polyline Reducer you must save these curves in the DXF Format Version 12 or lower. In this format the curves are automatically converted into polylines. Splines are implemented differently by CAD- or graphic- programs. When loading DXF splines, which are created with other programs, very big deviations in the curve-trajectory are possible. These very strong deviations are avoided when the splines are stored as polylines (DXF format R12).


System requirements
Operating System  : Vista SP2, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10
Computer Processor: 2,0 Ghz (DualCore) or better
Screen Resolution:  1024x768 pixels or higher
Computer Memory:    2 GB or more
Hard Disk Free Space: 30 MB or more

Price: 89,- Euro


Download Demo - DXF R12 CNC Polyline Reducer V 2.0